Pros & Cons of Sex With Older Men

They say, the old horse doesn’t damage the furrow. And some add: but also, will do not plow deep. Will not plow or will not spoil – to judge to you, dear readers. And we will help to decide on the decision.

When the young woman chooses to herself the partner that is much more senior than she is, she most often receives some psychological benefit from this union. However, in close relations between the man and the woman the sexual component plays one of leading roles if not most important. And there are pluses and minuses.


Weak erection. It is, perhaps, the biggest minus of aged men. Unfortunately, after 30-40 years at men the lack of testosterone begins to be felt, the sensitivity falls, the erection becomes not a rack, the ejaculation long does not come. More info the issue.

Elderly body. Yes, with 25-year-old not to compare a body of the 45-50-year-old man. If it is not Brad Pitt, then with sexual appeal there can be problems. However, the same can be said about older ladies and there is not much can be done as nature takes care of everyone, just watch them streaming online without any makeup and you will get it what we are talking about.

Less passion. Really, mature men are less temperamental, than young people. With them there will be a quiet sex rather, than passionate.

The full devotion will be required. If at the man problems with a potentiality were already outlined, then from his partner more ingenuity will be required to excite and hold an erection up to standard. If you are not ready to spend forces or do not feel in yourself sufficient experience, it is better to look after the partner younger.

Tendency to pervert sex. Some men seek to gather additionally at women with age what was received less for the life. And it can push them to sexual perversions. It is possible to tell that among mature men of perverts it is more, than among young people.


The quantity turns into quality. If the young guy seeks to capture as much as possible objects the irrepressible sexuality, then it grieves mature man to spray the forces on the parties – he will give them unique. Of course, to you. Besides, realizing that opportunities thaw every year, the man will use the best efforts that not to disappoint you.

Experience and once again experience. Here as in career: the more the experience, the is higher qualification. Also start up his jade staff not always in combat readiness, but the man has also other parts of a body. Also believe, he with his experience is able to use them. A lot of young men just watch nude cam girls and masturbate without ever having a real sex intercourse with women. That is very bad and I don’t know what future these guys will have.

Woman is most important, not sex. With age men become less exacting, them own feelings and experiences worry less, all of them give the tender feelings to the woman more.

Money, social status. Yes, there are women at whom the sexuality joins in response to irritants in the form of gifts and permits to resorts. And mature financially successful man is capable to be spent while young or stupidly wastes presented by mother and the father, or very much tries to earn them.

Healthy lifestyle. It is no secret that alcoholism looks younger. And addictions to unhealthy food are mown by health of young guys. Often at the young people who did not reach also thirty, already beer tummy, short wind and the whole set of gastrointestinal problems. At the same time many men aged still remember precepts the healthy and healthy nutrition. If, of course, your elect not uncle Joe – car mechanic, and the serious successful man, his health is expensive to him, he monitors span of life.