His compliments, which actually insults

Top of the most unsuccessful men’s phrases.

Giving compliments, men often are clumsy. Let move them the best intentions, an inaccurate phrase it is so easy to offend the woman. Inadvertently not to offend the interlocutor, properly think before telling him something from the list below.


You look great, it is simple not to notice!

It turns out, before people looked awfully and it was reversed, having changed image. Why to remind it of old failures?

Your tits are so big!

Usually the breast grows together with excess weight. Well, even at pregnancy or serious diseases.

You look perfect!

Too indistinct compliment leaving an essence of what you could praise. It is best to concentrate on concrete positive sides, deciding to give a compliment.

Smile is looking good for you

You it is aware what any normal person cannot go with a grimace of a smile upon the face 24 hours a day? And judging by your words, at best 90% of life the woman looks at least insufficiently attractively.

Looking good for your age

This compliment means that the person in general not really attractive, but in comparison with age-mates is favorably allocated. Besides often any specification connected with their age is unpleasant to people. The same situation with a compliment “This hair color so threshes you”. You can always check this by asking Jasmine on her live webcam and you will see that any model you tell this – the reaction will be the same: awkward look at her face.

You lost weight!

Questions concerning weight are always very complex and delicate, they cause feeling of discomfort in most of people. Specifying that someone so well lost weight, you claim that before people was too thick.

It is the best idea from all that came to your mind!

You are sure that you want to hint the woman as if everything, earlier coming to her mind – absolute nonsense and garbage? And from where you in general can know what happens in the head of another person? Try not to get hung up in too many activities.

With make-up you look so hot

Whether means your compliment that the lady not too attractively looks without cosmetics? The risk is high that she will think quite so.

This dress is so slim

It turns out, in other clothes it is noticeable that the person is plump, and everything that he put on earlier, emphasized excess weight.

But you are kind and talented!

Very dual compliment as if letting know that externally the person not really.

You are not like other girls!

Of course, sounds very pleasant. But in this case the man considers all other girls unworthy, and let now a situation in your advantage, his opinion can quickly change.

You are such ruddy, well-fed!

Even if you just want to emphasize what healthy looks the woman, it is best to choose epithets more graceful. “You directly shine!” – it will be more appropriate.

It is unlikely the man in the right mind will dare to say something similar to the woman with whom wants any relationship, of course, if in his head is through a reason particle. Also “As you suspect questions, I am fat? / How do I look?” it is also worth answering extremely carefully.

You look like a child!

The woman spent plenty of time for a make-up and selected the clothes emphasizing its sexual forms, and deserved only comparison with the child? However, on a compliment “You so grew you look” the girl too negatively will react, having thought that you consider her the old woman. There is a wish to look young and beautifully for many years.

Also speaking “You look such naive/innocent!”, you kind of specify that the woman has no life experience at all and she is too ordinary for you. After it you can even not count on sex.

The new hairstyle makes you younger

The awkward compliment lets know that earlier the woman looked worse and the previous hairstyle only aged. It is best to give a compliment without specification.

You perfectly drive as a woman

Such compliment can be treated as a hint on a negative stereotype or an unpleasant form of sexism. You want to make pleasantly – praise new skill without everyone “for”.

Why you are single if you are so beautiful?

Lonely people definitely do not want reminders on the loneliness. Besides this compliment you kind of assume that with the person something is not right.

You have so many children, well done!

This compliment shows that you consider excessive such number of children for one reason or another. It is inappropriate to express opinion on the vital choice of another person.

You cook as well as my mother!

Any woman wants to be beautiful and passionate, but not to remind the man his mother, let and in kitchen.

As the girl you are very clever!

It not only insult, but also non-compliance with gender equality. It is possible to give a compliment without emphasis on sex.