Useful Online Sex Tips from a Cam Girl

If you’re looking to spice up your love life with some sexy time over the internet, then you probably know that there are many things about having sex via webcam that can make it more exciting than in person. It’s definitely something new and different. And if you’ve never tried it before, or maybe haven’t done so recently, here are eight tips on how you might want to approach this whole idea of virtual sex.

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Don’t be afraid to try anything! The most important thing is being open minded when it comes to trying new things. If you don’t like what she does, tell her – but don’t get angry or offended. Most people won’t do certain things they see as taboo. But I have seen Chatterbate girls get annoyed at guys who just say no without giving any reason why (other than “I’m not into strap-on”). Also, women tend to think differently than men and may react negatively to negative feedback. So give positive comments instead. Tell them their body looks beautiful, tell them how much you enjoy watching them masturbate, compliment them on how good their show was last night, etc… This way they will feel appreciated even though you aren’t actually doing anything sexual together. They’ll also start feeling comfortable around you because they know you aren’t going to judge them harshly for anything they do wrong.

Be patient with yourself

You need practice too. Just as an actor needs hours upon hours to perfect his craft, you need plenty of time to learn everything you need to master your own technique while talking dirty to your audience online. Many times we hear stories where someone has asked a woman to perform specific acts during private shows, only for her to respond by saying “OK” and turning away. Now whether these women were really turned off by those requests, or simply didn’t know how to fulfill them properly, isn’t always clear. However, one thing is absolutely true; it takes lots of experience and practice to become skilled at performing cunnilingus, which requires special attention to detail. For example, taking a long time licking all along the labia is very uncomfortable for both parties involved. If you’re shy or inexperienced, take your time learning how to touch her clitoris correctly. Or perhaps look for a few other ways to bring her pleasure first. Then later you can work towards bringing her to orgasm through oral stimulation. Remember, you can ask her questions throughout your show to keep her engaged and excited. Ask her what she likes best, what turns her on, what feels better, etc. She will appreciate hearing your thoughts on such matters and it could turn out to be quite educational for you.

Take breaks sometimes

Keeps things interesting. When you watch porn movies, you usually see the same scenario play out over and over again. After awhile, it gets boring. We recommend getting a breather every now and then to refresh ourselves mentally and physically. During a break, you can grab a snack, go outside, hop onto Facebook or Twitter, smoke a cigarette, listen to music, or even check email. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, just pick something completely unrelated to your current situation. Once you come back inside, you should be refreshed enough to continue your session. Sometimes we forget that our viewers would rather us focus entirely on ourselves and our arousal, so we end up thinking we have to constantly entertain them with our bodies and masturbation skills. To avoid falling victim to this trap, try taking mental notes of your favorite moments during your performance. Write down ideas for future scenes or techniques you’d like to use. That way you won’t waste precious viewing time dwelling on the fact that you weren’t able to satisfy the viewer anymore.

Give compliments

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Women love receiving compliments. Especially when coming from strangers. Even if it sounds cheesy, telling them how hot they looked last week, or how gorgeous they appear today, makes them feel pretty good. In general, we find that it goes a long way in making female fans feel loved and wanted. Plus, it gives them confidence to go ahead and experiment more with themselves, knowing that they did a great job.

Get creative

A lot of us ladies spend countless hours trying to figure out exactly what works best for us. There is nothing worse than seeing yourself on video after weeks of hard work and experimenting. Some girls even hire professional performers to help them out with figuring out what works best for them. The point is, whatever you decide to do, just remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT! Your sexuality is yours alone. Nobody else deserves to dictate its course except you. Go forth and explore your desires!

Look forward to surprises

People often complain that they wish a performer would send them a gift after finishing a live chat show. While it seems nice, it’s not necessary. Why? Because everyone knows that once you finish chatting with someone, you’ll never contact them ever again. Therefore, sending a small token of appreciation is kind of pointless unless you plan on keeping in constant communication. Of course, if you talk to them regularly afterwards, then sure, surprise them with gifts occasionally. Otherwise, leave ’em wanting more.

Have fun! Enjoying your fantasies is half the battle. Make sure you stay relaxed and focused on the task at hand. Think positively and treat it like a hobby. Like any other pastime, enjoying it means less pressure and anxiety. Just relax, breathe deeply, and let your mind wander freely. Letting go of control frees you to fully concentrate on pleasing your partner. As long as you enjoy yourself, others will enjoy it too. Besides, when you finally meet face to face, you’ll realize that the real magic happens between two consenting adults. Not behind a camera screen.